Stranberg Resource Group is an executive search firm focused on people.

We engage every candidate personally and keep an open-mind to unexpected options to ensure we bring diverse and game-changing people forward for every search.

What We Do 

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Who We Are 

Stranberg Resource Group (SRG) was founded in 1989 as a high-touch, high-service retained executive search firm. Today SRG provides expanded, and fully customized, executive search, Founder & CEO succession, family business leadership, and consulting services.   


Family and closely-held businesses have long been a special focus for SRG.  Being a family-owned business ourselves, we understand the hard work and passion that our clients put into their businesses and search for executives with the ideal skillset and personality  to succeed.  To accomplish this, we invest the time upfront to truly know the company and the people (family, executives, key stakeholders and overall culture) to make sure everyone is heard, involved and on the same page to get the best possible results.

The Stranberg Difference

Family Focus

Family businesses are a unique. While each family business is different, they often share a commonality in the pursuit of the continuity of family ownership. This approach to ownership also creates unique conditions for Non-Family Executives. SRG has built a robust process specifically to ensure that our clients hire executives that align with the mission, vision, and values of the business and the family.

No Off-Limits

SRG is a boutique firm that works predominantly with family businesses. By principle, our partners do not engage on more than five searches as a given time. This low-volume approach not only guarantees our clients receive our full attention, it also minimizes conflicts of interest and legal agreements that block larger firms from recruiting from their employees.

Partner Execution

Our partners personally work with our clients, as well as all potential candidates, throughout the entire search and never pass work off to less experienced associates. The SRG partner you meet will be the one executing the search strategy, interviewing and assessing candidates, and writing reports. Our partners speak with references, advise on offer negotiations and facilitate our robust post-search services.

Fixed Fee

We do not believe in charging fees as a commission on compensation (based on a percentage of total annual income). We do believe in a transparent process that focuses on results that fit our client's needs. We charge a fixed fee, which means that our number one priority is to deliver the best candidates for you – not the most expensive candidates for us.


SRG was incorporated in 1989. Combined, our Partners represent over 60 years of experience in a multitude of industries and functions. In our combined tenure, our partners have represented both public and private enterprises, including multiple in food production and distribution. This results in a deep network of executives to serve as a resource from day one.

Holistic & Consultative

Recruiting outside executives, particularly in a family business, is a challenging situation that requires transparency, alignment, and a clear plan. We begin each search by leading a comprehensive assessment to ensure all stakeholders aligned on key facts, goals, and timelines. Unlike most large firms, we don't rely on boilerplates; we tailor our process to satisfy the unique needs of your business.

Post-Search Services

The value of our services comes into view after the right candidate is hired. Where other firms often disappear, SRG is present to ensure that onboarding is thorough, adapted as necessary, and effective for all parties involved - business leaders, the board, and the new hire. We believe in our ability to deliver exceptional results and guarantee our work, giving our clients one less thing to worry about in a busy world.

Family Business Insights 

Leadership perspectives, lessons, and best practices from famiy business owners, executives, and advisors.