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Family businesses are a unique class of privately held businesses. While each family business is different, they often share a commonality in the pursuit of the continuity of family ownership. This approach to ownership and governance creates unique conditions for Non-Family Executives. SRG has built a robust process specifically to ensure that our clients hire executives that not only meet the needs of the business, but also align with the mission, value and vision of the family.

SRG is a boutique firm that works exclusively within the family business niche. By principle, our partners do not engage on more than five searches as a given time. This low-volume approach not only guarantees our clients receive our full attention, it also minimizes the conflicts of interest present at larger firms that block them from recruiting from their business partners.

no blockage
no lockouts

Stranberg Resource Group differs from large firms in that our partners personally work with our clients, as well as all potential candidates, throughout the entire search instead of passing the work off to less experienced associates after the sale. SRG partners establish and execute the search strategy, manage / advise on all communications, interview every candidate, and write all reports. Our partners speak with references, advise throughout the negotiation and hiring process and facilitate our robust post-search services.



We are consultants and advisors to family businesses and do not take fees as a commission (based on a percentage of total annual income). We protect our client’s interests by establishing a transparent process that focuses on results that fit their needs. Our way of doing business is thorough, and custom built for each client. We charge a fixed fee, which means that our number one priority is to deliver the best candidates for you – not the most expensive candidates for us. Our fixed fee will be commensurate to the work necessary to complete the job at 100% satisfaction.

SRG was incorporated in 1989. Combined, our Partners represent over 60 years of experience in a multitude of industries and functions. In our combined tenure, our partners have represented both public and private enterprises, including multiple in food production and distribution. This results in a deep network of executives to serve as a resource from day one.



Recruiting a Non-Family CEO in a family business is a unique and challenging project that requires a clear view of how the role will impact the family, the staff/organization and how the company is viewed in the marketplace. We begin by assessing the scenario at your organization and ensure that all stakeholders are aligned on the project. Unlike larger firms, our processes are not boilerplate; we build our process to satisfy the unique needs of your family business.


In many ways, the real value of Stranberg services comes into view after the right candidate is hired. Where other firms disappear, SRG stays present to ensure that the onboarding plan is thorough, appropriate to the needs of the business, and well-executed. In addition, we work the new hire on ‘Inboarding’ to ensure they are doing the work necessary to assimilate. We also work with our clients on internal and external communication to ensure that all who touch the business are engaged and excited. These post search services are built around a regular cadence of touch points with the client, the board, and the new hire. All of this is capped off with an extended guarantee to ensure that our client’s interests are protected.

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