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Announcing our new blog: “Leadership & The Family Enterprise”

The Stranberg family, from left: Bill, Kate, Jim, and Anne.

All too often, what’s true for the family is true for the family business. We know this because we are a family business, and for us—like so many of our clients—the lines between personal and professional are easily blurred.

Our company, Stranberg Resource Group, is an Executive Search Firm that serves privately held and family owned businesses. The best part of this unique position is the opportunity to examine our client’s operations and cultures, and work closely with them to find human solutions to human problems.

Across our 29-year history, we have built up enough case studies to fill an encyclopedia and gleaned invaluable insights into the problems that are specific to private and family businesses. Moreover we have established strong relationships with hundreds of individuals who have distinctive perspectives on issues at the intersection of family and business.

From our experience as both a family and a business, we have learned that no matter how challenging the problem, there is always a solution. These two facts are at the core of our new blog: Leadership & The Family Enterprise.

This publication is for all who have an interest in best practice for family business leadership, governance and strategy. In our queue are original interviews of experts covering topics including:

  • Selling a family business

  • Becoming the first non-family steward of a legacy business

  • Perspectives from an Executive Chairman

  • Recruiting a non-family CEO, told by the family and the hired CEO.

In addition to interviews, we will share case studies from our work, insights on industry best practice as well as our own story told in the first person, family member by family member.

To launch our blog, we are proud to present the story of Robert Johannigman and Loveland Pet Products, a third-generation family business that made the decision to sell in 2008.


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