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A Process Built on Decades of Experience

Our customized approaches, thorough screening procedures, and industry expertise empower organizations to confidently and accurately navigate the recruitment landscape.

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Step 1

Complete Discovery

Step 2

Define Strategy

Step 3

Execute Plan

Step 4

Provide Support

Breaking Down Our Proven Process


Discovery, Readiness & Alignment

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Our experts dive into your company’s culture, values, history, and goals. Through analysis and engaging conversations with stakeholders, we capture your unique essence. This ensures our talent strategies are deeply informed and tailored to your distinct needs and aspirations.

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Plan and Outline Strategy

We’ll collaboratively craft a talent strategy aligning with your objectives and core values. Engaging with key stakeholders, we define clear talent objectives and integrate industry-specific risk assessments. This ensures a robust, bespoke strategy for your business.

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Step 2
Step 3

Initiate Comprehensive Plan

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Our team executes your strategy with precision, utilizing executive search, advisory, facilitation, and assessment. Aligned with your goals, we prioritize transparency, efficient technology use, and a responsive feedback loop for real-time adjustments to meet evolving needs.


Collaborate for Ongoing Success

Committed for the long haul, we foster lasting partnerships, offering ongoing support tailored to your evolving business landscape. Regular check-ins, metric-based success measurement, and a nimble service approach keep us in sync with your business’s growth and evolution.

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Step 4
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Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
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Backed by Our Client’s Success

“I had the privilege of working with Bill and his team on our recent search for a Chief Financial Officer. Their deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by family-owned businesses made them invaluable partners. Bill’s rigorous talent assessment cut through the noise, helping us identify a CFO who not only meets our requirements and complements our company culture. I highly recommend their services for any company serious about securing top-tier talent.”

Mike Clover
President, Lacks Enterprises

Every Service Curated to Your Needs

We offer a range of top-quality services, including Executive Search, Executive Team Assestment, and Leadership Consulting.

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Work with our team to find the next leader for your family-owned or founder-led business.


Have our experts provide insight on your current leadership and how they can be optimized for success.


Harness expert insight to elevate your leadership with thorough leadership consulting services.


Enjoy a Hassle-Free Consultation Meeting

Meet our experts so that we can learn more about you, what you’re wanting to accomplish, and how we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How is Stranberg different from other recruitment firms?
    Stranberg sets itself apart with an exclusive mission to help family businesses thrive. Our approach goes beyond that of typical recruitment firms – we are not recruiters relentlessly focused on filling a position. Instead, we are advisors dedicated to guiding our clients towards making great hiring decisions. This long-term advisory approach, combined with our comprehensive understanding of executive talent models in family companies, allows us to uniquely tailor our strategies to the specific dynamics and challenges of these businesses. Our goal is to foster enduring partnerships and contribute to the lasting success of family businesses.
  • Can you provide examples or case studies of your success with similar businesses?
    Absolutely! We are happy to share case studies and references to showcase our success. Get in touch to request case studies here >
  • What is your approach to executive recruitment for C-suite positions in family-owned businesses?
    We specialize in identifying unique opportunities and mitigating risks in family-owned businesses. Our approach involves partnering directly with your team to build a leadership team that resonates with your vision. Learn more about us
  • How do you ensure a candidate aligns with our company culture and values?
    To guarantee that candidates align with your culture and values, we start by deeply understanding how these values shape your business and culture. This foundational knowledge guides our meticulous selection process, enabling us to choose candidates who not only resonate with your values but also bring a proven track record of success and the ability to thrive within your unique family and business dynamics.
  • How do you identify and mitigate talent risks in our specific ownership model?
    Leveraging decades of experience working with families in every industry, we conduct thorough discovery and readiness assessments to pinpoint and address risks unique to your ownership model.
  • What are the terms of engagement, and how flexible are these?
    We offer flexible engagement terms tailored to meet your specific needs and timelines. Book a FREE consultation to discuss your engagement needs
  • What follow-up support do you offer after placement?
    Our support continues post-placement with regular check-ins, coaching, and onboarding assistance to ensure a smooth transition.
  • How do you maintain confidentiality during the executive search process?
    Upholding strict confidentiality is a cornerstone of our process. We adhere to non-disclosure agreements and share sensitive information only with necessary parties.
  • How do you collaborate with internal stakeholders in the talent strategy process?
    We engage closely with your team, ensuring regular communication and alignment with your company's vision through meetings and workshops.
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