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SRG Leadership Solutions

The business world is changing at a rapid pace - leading to unpredictable new complexities and enormous, often visible, pressures on companies and senior executives to get results.  Because of this, attracting and retaining senior-level talent is a top challenge for companies across industries.  SRG services include: Executive Search, Succession, Leadership Consulting, and Family Business Leadership:

SRG was founded as an executive search firm and search continues to be our core service offering today.  Our consultants conduct searches at the Manager, Director, VP, SVP, and C-Level across all functions.  We are genuinely committed to our clients and work closely with them to design and execute a search strategy that addresses their specific goals and delivers a diverse group of candidates who are capable of succeeding within the role and the company, for the long-term. 

Effective leadership succession is not about replacing a person, it's about using the opportunity to select the best person to lead the business into the next generations.  We help clients successfully navigate owner/ founder/ CEO succession and leadership transitions, whether there is a formal plan in place or not. 

Recruiting executives is just one piece of the talent puzzle. SRG supports clients where, when and how they need.   Some services we commonly provide include: onboarding, executive assessments, talent acquisition & retention strategy, interview guidance and multi-level recruitment tools and processes. 

Family and closely-held businesses have long been a special focus for SRG.  We offer leadership expertise and personalized solutions to family businesses as they grow and go through transitions that require new leaders.

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