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Seven Ways to Increase ROI in Retained Executive Search

Retained search firms are used by just about every leading company in every sector as a way to find and hire top grade talent. While this is true, hiring managers and senior executives frequently tell us they’ve been disappointed with their experiences using retained search. Improved performance is in everyone’s best interest. What we all want are successful projects conducted by consultants that have our best interests in mind and in whom we trust with building our most important asset: our Human Capital. There are a few simple guidelines that hiring organizations should keep in mind when hiring and working with a search firm.

1. Retain the right consultant.

First: always remember that you are not hiring a firm you are hiring a consultant – don’t get lost in the marketing ploys. Savvy hiring managers know that the individual conducting the search, not the firm conducting the search, makes all the difference. The size of the firm is becoming more irrelevant each day. Even when working with the largest firms, it is essential that you find the best consultant for you and your company. Every search consultant has access to organizations and information channels that enable them to find outstanding individuals. The key differentiators are the ability to work constructively with you and your team; the willingness to invest the time to truly learn the unique qualities of your company; and, then to create a compelling message to the market – the targeted executives. Add to these, the intense desire to succeed: the drive, passion, and tenacity to take the project to a successful conclusion and you have a good match with your search consultant.

2. Plan it Well and They Will Come...