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A Family Firm for

Family Businesses

Family and closely-held businesses have long been a special focus for SRG.  Being a family-owned business ourselves, we understand the hard work and passion that our clients put into their businesses as well as the emotions and challenges involved with change through generations.  SRG offers leadership expertise and personalized solutions to family businesses as they grow and go through transitions that require new leaders.  We invest the time upfront to truly know the company and the people (family, executives, key stakeholders and overall culture) to make sure everyone is heard, involved and on the same page to get the best possible results.

We partner with all types of family business on all types of projects, a few services we most frequently provide:

Finding the best leaders to bring your family business through the next generations

Some keys to success when partnering with a family business to search for key non-family employees include: 


Take Time. 

Take time to understand how things get done within the company.  The informal (off the org chart) channels are vitally important and must be understood and respected.

Develop Solutions. 

Family businesses are about what works so, throw away your textbooks and templates and never, ever make assumptions about any aspect of the business.

The Full Picture. 

Always invest the time to know your stakeholders and make sure that each one is listened to and kept in the loop

It’s Personal. 

Always remember that it’s personal for family and closely-held businesses.  There’s legacy involved and well deserved pride in what has been accomplished.  Respect goes a long way to getting it right.

Family - Private - Public. 

Be certain that candidates for executive roles truly understand how family and private companies differ from their public brethren – pressures come from different points and whether they are faster or slower, the clocks definitely run differently for family businesses.

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