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Leadership Consulting
& Facilitation

Recruiting is just one piece of the talent puzzle.  

SRG consultants work with clients to support and advise them on best practices to ensure their talent, leadership and recruitment efforts produce the best possible results. 


This starts with a thorough examination of the client culture and of the personal and professional traits of successful contributors within the organization.  From there, we explore the implications of the change on the existing organization and steps that can be taken to ensure a smooth assimilation of the new hire.  We develop carefully tailored assessment tools designed to illuminate the fit between culture, role, and individual.  Our guidance extends to the critical aspect of on-boarding and how this process can be a valuable aspect of ensuring a smooth transition and set the table for the long-term relationship.

In our years of executive search experience, we have seen unexpected candidates blossom into the winning contributors as well as "rockstar" executives crash and burn in the first interview.  We have gained insight into why these things happen and use tools to ensure that the people with the best experience, skills, personality, and character traits are the ones who stand out at the top of the list.  

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